Cabossa Jam Cesarin con Davide Comaschi

Cabossa Jam

Cabossa Jam - the cocoa fruit jam with all the goodness of the dark chocolate. For a taste that surprises.

Cabossa Jam is the innovative cocoa fruit jam with dark chocolate. What makes this new jam unique is the unexpected flavour, which combines the tropical freshness of passion fruit, mango and banana with the persistent nuances of the best dark chocolate.
Highly heat-stable, the product guarantees excellent texture and great workability

  • in baking applications, it maintains a compact consistency that does not expand;
  • in post-baking applications, it is suitable as a filling thanks to its soft and creamy consistency.

Cabossa Jam guarantees a clean label in line with the growing request of the market: the product is without artificial aromas and colours, emulsifiers and preservatives free.
Ready to use, Cabossa Jam has a a glossy dark colour and workable texture at room temperature.

A choice of quality of the Maitre Chocolatier Davide Comaschi - Chocolate Academy.


  • Innovative taste with fruity notes.
  • Enriched with dark chocolate.
  • Clean label: free from artificial flavours, emulsifiers, colourings, preservatives.
  • Spreadable consistency.
  • For baking and post-baking applications.


Sacher-torte, biscuits, brioches.


In a cool and dry place.


2 x 3 kg tins

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