Puree DìFrutta Surgelate per gelato e sorbetto Cesarin

Puree DìFrutta Surgelate

365 days of intense fruit flavor

The new Cesarin Frozen Line Puree DìFrutta is conceived for the fast and simple realization of excellent fruit ice creams, sorbets and for use in pastry.
Made with selected fresh fruit, sterilized and frozen, the Puree DiFrutta guarantee an ice cream with a natural flavor, always constant in terms of taste, color and organoleptic characteristics.
A genuine and healthy product that contains 90% fresh fruit, without colors, artificial flavors or preservatives.
The extreme ease of use combined with the intense flavor, the inviting aroma equal to the fresh fruit, make DìFrutta Frozen Puree the valid ally in all the preparations of ice cream, semifreddo, sorbets and pastries in general.


  • Ready to use
  • No added colors
  • No preservatives
  • No added flavors


  • Gelato, sorbets, semifreddo, mousse and pastry

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