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Amarena and Amarenata

The dark candied Amarene for Bakery and bright red Amarene for Ice Cream shops are Cesarin's range for the decoration and the filling of cakes and ice creams. Real candied amarene cherries with the flavour and softness that are characteristic of the fruit, without preservatives and dyes (without sulphites). colour and percentage of fruit contained, and are immersed in their syrup rich in natural flavours.

Dark Amarene Cherries for Bakery and bright red cherries for Ice Cream shops differ in the percentage fruit contained. They are immersed in their syrup which retains the natural colour of the raw materials and are suitable for all bakery uses (less syrup) and industrial ice cream shops (more syrup). The genuine taste guaranteed by the absence of artificial flavourings and preservatives (no sulphites), variations in calibre, the turgid consistent and juicy texture make the product versatile for all types of decoration. 


Bright colour
Intense aroma
Diversity of calibres and percentage of fruit contained.


Decorating ice cream cakes, puddings, ice cream, semifreddos, yoghurt.

The taste Amarena and Amarenata

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