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Pastry Chef Silvia Federica Boldetti

Citrus Cheese Cake


Hazelnut crumble

  • Weak flour g. 200
  • Fresh butter g. 220
  • Hazelnut powder g. 200
  • Granulated sugar g. 180


Philadelphia mousse

  • Philadelphia g. 300
  • Fresh cream 35% (a) g. 100
  • Light yogurt powder g. 6
  • Fresh cream 35% (b) g. 310
  • Pasteurised egg whites g. 85
  • Icing sugar g. 170
  • Gelatine 200 bloom g. 10
  • Water for gelatine g. 60
  • Vanilla beans n. 1

Hazelnut crumble

Mix quickly all the ingredients. Leave to rest. Pass the dough through a large mesh sieve and cook at 165 ° C for about 12 minutes.

Philadelphia mousse

Whip the Italian meringue with icing sugar and pasteurized egg whites. Mix the Philadelphia with the first amount of cream (a) reserving a small part that will be slightly heated to allow the yogurt powder to dissolve. Rehydrate the gelatin in the water and whip the second quantity of cream (b) with the vanilla. Combine the compounds and use immediately.


Put some hazelnut crumbles on the base of the glass. Make a layer of Profumi d’Italia Sicilian blood orange PGI. Add few cubes of Candied Orange Selezione Cesarin. Continue with a layer of Philadelphia mousse and repeat the layers. Decorate with a dark chocolate decoration and a few cubes of Candied Orange 
Selezione Cesarin.


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