Light jam Mister Alberto for pastry Cesarin

Confetture Light Mister Alberto

Light Jams No added sugar

50% less Kcal compared to the average values of our jams

Naturally sweet, fragrant and inviting : the new line of Jams Cesarin Light is the answer you were looking for to enrich your preparations with a rich-flavored jam with reduced calories content and no added sugar. A selection of territorial excellences that preserve all the flavor of the fresh fruit sun ripened: :

  • Apricot Pellecchiella, inimitable for its particularly sweet and juicy pulp;
  • Annurca Apple, unique for its crunchy and aromatic properties and for its excellent organoleptic and nutritional properties;
  • Amarena Montmorency, an incomparable concentrate of natural nutrients with its pleasantly acidic and succulent flavor.

The new Line of Light Jams MisterAlberto is characterized by the high percentage of fresh fruit contains (over 60%) which gives a fresh and inviting flavor to your products before or after oven, with good freezing resistance.



  • Low calories.
  • No colors.
  • No aromas.
  • Rich in fiber.
  • Contains only sugars from fruit.

Recipes / Confetture Light Mister Alberto

Cesarin Yann Brys
Tartellette alla Mela
M.O.F. Yann Brys
MisterAlberto Light

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