DolceFrutta fruit syrup for ice-cream Cesarin

DolceFrutta Ice Cream

The high percentage of fruit (80%), the low sugar residue (45° Brix) and the syrup full of flavour are the winning characteristics of the Dolcefrutta Ice Cream Selection range. Fresh fruit that has been processed well, kept intact and unaltered in taste and colour, will enhance the authenticity of your products allowing you to enrich your ice cream uniquely.



The fruit contained in it does not freeze at sub-zero temperatures and the soft syrup that holds it will delicately decorate your dessert plate.
Dolcefrutta is ready for use, after opening it should be stored in the refrigerator.


Use it to add variety to your ice cream or yoghurt, or as fresh fruit to add flavour and decorate inside or outside your semifreddo or your mousse.


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