Fruit Filling for industry pastry and ice-cream Cesarin

Fruit Filling

The Farciture di Frutta range came about as a versatile product suitable for the pie industry and frozen products that can take advantage of all the naturalness of low Bx fruit. This line combines the richness of the fruit, a soft and creamy texture and a good resistance to cooking and/or sub-zero temperatures, guaranteeing a genuine taste and an inviting appearance in every use. The versatility of use, the possibility of making recipes on request of the customers, make Farciture di frutta the ideal product for any production needs.



Excellent resistance to sub-zero
temperatures and resists in the oven.
Natural taste, size and percentage of fruit can be modified on request of customers.
Pumpable and mechanically measurable product.


Ice cream cakes, semifreddo, croissants, strudel, cakes.


1 month at temp. 0-5 ° C
12 months at -18 ° C


20 kg. buckets
Tank of 1000 kg.

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