Golden Line candied fruit for industrial pastry Cesarin

Candied Fruit Golden Line

Candied citrus cubes or paste obtained from the fresh peel peeled by hand. Colour, intense flavour and softness make the Golden Line FruitLine the ideal ingredient for all high-quality pastry productions. Handmade quality, strong aromatic input without the addition of artificial essences, the absence of preservatives and dyes combined with the highest industrial standards, meet the needs of a market increasingly oriented to the genuineness of the ingredients.



Natural colour
No additives (SO2 free)
Fresh flavour
Ease of use


Celebration cakes, muffins, plum-cakes, croissants, bakery products.


12 months in a cool and dry


10 kg. cartons

Recipes / Candied Fruit Golden Line

Cesarin Frutta Hg - Ricetta Davide Malizia
Nougat incontro
Davide Malizia
Frutta HG

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