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Pastry Chef Roland Zanin

Pavlova alla Cesarin


French Meringue

  • Egg whites g. 200
  • Caster sugar g. 200
  • Icing sugar g. 200

Chantilly Mascarpone and Vanilla Crea

  • Pouring cream 35% fat 1l.
  • Caster sugar g. 100
  • mascarpone g. 200
  • Vanilla pod 1

Cesarin Lemon Crea

  • Cesarin Profumi d’Italia Limoncello g. 150
  • Pouring cream 35% fat g. 50
  • Whole eggs g. 150
  • Butter cut in pieces g. 150

French Meringue 

Whisk the egg whites, folding in the caster sugar in small amounts at a time. Sprinkle on the Icing sugar and mix it in by hand, mixing with a spatula. Line 12 small sized circular pastry tins with grease-proof paper and then transfer the meringue with the help of an icing bag. And a small toothed open of 7 mm., filling them up to ¾ full. Cook in a ventilated oven at 110°C for 1 hour and 30 minutes. At the end of cooking, remove from the oven and cut the upper part of the pavlova with the help of a pastry cutter and remove the insides with a small spoon. Put the pavlovas back in the oven at 110°C for a further 30 minutes.

Chantilly Mascarpone and Vanilla Cream

Beat the cream, the sugar, the mascarpone and the grated vanilla pod with the whisk. Whip the mixture.

Cesarin Lemon Cream

Heat the cream and Limoncello Cesarin. Incorporate the whole eggs and bring to the boil while stirring. Remove the pan from the heat and let the cream cool to 40°C. Incorporate the pieces of butter and whisk the mixture. Place the cream in the refrigerator at 4°C. Assembly Fill the pavlova with the Cesarin lemon cream. Spread the Ripples with pieces Strawberries on top with a fresh strawberry cut into four pieces. Complete by adding the Chantilly cream, using an icing bag with a toothed opening to create a decoration in the form of a rose window on the upper part. Decorations Decorate the pavlova with small sticks of dark chocolate and place half a glazed strawberry in the middle. Ripples with pieces Strawberries may also be poured gently over the surface of the dessert.


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