Profumi d'Italia for industry bakery Cesarin

Profumi d'Italia

Semi-finished products obtained with varieties of native fruit, with inimitable organoleptic properties, guaranteed by a privileged geographical location and traditional cultivation methods. These are the characteristics that give life to Cesarin’s Profumi D’Italia line, a range ready to use, to be used wherever you want to give a pleasing fresh and fruity note in the preparation of celebration cakes, baked goods and all recipes inspired by the fantasy of the industry professionals Late Ciaculli Mandarin (slow food presidency) Limoncello (from Sorrento IGP lemons) and Bergamot (Calabria) are just the first steps in a journey to discover the best fruits of Italy.



Multiple applications, clean label, no aromas and preservatives
Intense and Natural Taste and Aroma


Yeast based products, monoportions, muffin, Plum-cakes, pies, baked goods


6 months at a temperature <18 ° C 12 months at - 18 ° C


2 x 3.5 kg. and 12 kg. buckets

Giuria del Gusto Superiore dell’International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi)


Profumo D'Italia Mandarino Tardivo Di Ciaculli
3 Stelle d’Oro

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