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Pastry Chef Silvia Federica Boldetti

Yellow Rose



  • Butter g. 225
  • Sugar g. 140
  • Almond powder g. 50
  • Salt g. 1
  • Whole eggs g. 90
  • Vanilla beans n. 1
  • Weak flour g. 370
  • Mixture to waterproof
    Eggs g. 100
    Cream g. 100

Yogurt mousse

  • Yogurt g. 500
  • Eggs white g. 125
  • Sugar g. 190
  • Water g. 50
  • Fresh cream g. 375
  • Gelatine 200 bloom g. 14
  • Water for gelatine g. 84
  • Yogurt powder g. 14


Lemon curd

  • Lemon juice g. 253
  • Whole eggs g. 253
  • Sugar g. 120
  • Profumi d'Italia Limoncello Cesarin g. 50
  • White chocolate g. 220
  • Cocoa butter g. 35
  • Gelatine 200 bloom g. 15
  • Water for gelatine g. 90
  • Lemon zest n. 1
  • Fresh butter g. 85


Knead the butter with the sugar and the vanilla, add the eggs, the salt and the almond powder and finally the flour. Spread between two sheets of parchment paper at 2 mm and leave to rest overnight. Cut a little larger than the base of the rose (4 cm ring) and cook between two silicone mats for about 14 minutes.

Yogurt mousse

Softener the gelatine in the water. Boil 170g of sugar with the water at 121° C and pour them slowly on the half-whipped egg whites with the remaining sugar and the yogurt powder. Whip the cream and add the fresh yogurt, the Italian meringue and the cream, alternating the ingredients.

Lemon curd

Cook the lemon juice with the eggs and the sugar at 82 degrees. Pour the mix on the white chocolate, Profumi d’Italia Limoncello Cesarin, 
cocoa butter, hydrated gelatine and the grated lemon zest. Mix all together and add the fresh butter. Pour into a small mold to create the inside of the rose and cool it down in the 
shock freezer.


Fill the rose mold for three quarters with the yoghurt mousse. Add the lemon curd filling already frozen. Cool it down in the shock freezer. Once very cold, demold and spray with yellow chocolate for a velvety effect Use a shortcrust ring spread with the Profumi d’Italia Limoncello Cesarin as a 
rose base. Decorate with cubes of candied lemon Selezione Cesarin.

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