Tarte Citron



  • Flour W130 g. 955
  • Sugar g. 380
  • Butter g. 480
  • Egg yolk g. 180
  • Salt g. 1
  • Vanilla pod pc. 1 


  • Milk g. 95 Glucose g. 15
  • Gelatine 120 bloom g. 10
  • Water g. 50
  • White chocolate g. 380
  • Even cream g. 645
  • Vanilla pod pc. 1 


  • Egg white g. 275
  • Sugar g. 100
  • Tpt g. 300
  • Egg yolk g. 80
  • Eggs g. 125
  • Flour W 130 g. 120 


  • Eggs g. 125
  • Sugar g. 145
  • Lemon juice g. 75
  • Lime juice g. 75
  • Gelatine 120 bloom g. 5
  • Water g. 20
  • Butter g. 20
  • Custard cream g. 540 


Mix the egg yolk with half of the sugar, whisk and put in the fridge for 12 hours Melt the salt in small portion of water. In Separate bowl, add egg yolk, half of the sugar and melted salt. Mix the flour with the soft butter. Pour the egg mixtures into the dry ingredients (flour and butter). Knead itt and let it rest for a night. Roll out the dough in sheets and freeze, cut it and line the moulds. Freeze and bake at 160° C for 20 min. with opened valve.


Soak the gelatine into the cold water. Boil milk and glucose together . Pour the liquid into the white chocolate, it will melt . Stir gently to avoid any lumps. Add the gelatine and mixture. Add the cold cream. Let the mixture rest and use it for assembly.


Heat the yolk and the eggs and whisk them with the tpt. Whisk the egg whites until they look shiny Add the sugar in two inclusions Gently incorporate the egg whites into the yolk batter in 2-3 inclusion. Add the flour slowly. Roll the mixture out on a sheet and mould it according to you reference. Bake in the oven at 260° C for 7 min. with closed valve. Cool it down before using it


LIME CREAM Soak the gelatine into the water Whisk the eggs, sugar andlemon juice, mix and cook at 82°C Add hydrated gelatine Pour the soft butter and stir well Add the custard cream and mix for at least 4 min Assembly Dust some cocoa powder onto the short crust pastry Spread out a thin layer of white chocolate cream With a piping bag pipe 200 g of TuttaFrutta Tropical Place the disk of swiss roll Fill the mold until the edge with the lime cream Cool in the blast chiller, with negative temperature Garnish


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