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Stabilized Vegetables HG

HG Vegetables are comparable to dehydrated vegetables for ease of use, storage, and their remarkable resistance to mechanical stress during processing. Unlike dehydrated vegetables they are decidedly superior from the point of view of taste since, thanks to the exclusive technology developed by Cesarin S.p.A., they have less than 0.6 W.A., which keeps the majority of it edible. The structure of HG Vegetables is less fibrous than that of dehydrated products. All products in the range are GMO free, do not contain allergens and are made with natural ingredients (vegetables, glucose and salt) with no added colours or preservatives.



Reduced water activity ≤ 0.6




Cool, dry storage (shelf life 12 months)


Focaccia, crackers, grissini, special breads, meat, sausages, preserved fish, fillings, and sauces

The taste Stabilized Vegetables HG

Recipes / Stabilized Vegetables HG

Cesarin Ricetta Cestino di Pane con Verdure Stabilizzate

Cestino del Pane: Frustine/Pan Bauletto

Pan bauletto pomodoro
Frustine con cipolle e peperoni

Cesarin Ricetta Pane con Verdure Stabilizzate

Cestino del pane: Focaccia/Treccia

Treccia al burro con olive e noci
Focaccia Roma Genova con auto..lisi

Cesarin Ricetta Cestino Pane con Verdure Stabilizzate

Cestino del Pane: Grissini/Croccante

Grissini ritorti limone e aglio
Croccante di pane con biga

White Chocolate, Basil and Tomato ice-cream - in collaboration with Callebaut

White Chocolate, Basil and Tomato


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