In full compliance with the Valley dell'Alpone's ecosystem, in accordance with existing authorisations and eventual requests by the Supervisory Authority and with financial, operational and commercial needs, CESARIN Spa intends to pursue its business constantly posing the prevention of environmental pollution and compliance with the requirements under the laws in force in the environmental field and applicable to the company as an important objective.

To pursue this goal, over the years Cesarin has set environmental targets to be achieved by continuous and progressive improvements in their performance.

The company's environmental strategy is based on the following general objectives:

  • implementation, maintenance, monitoring and continuous improvement of an environmental management system (EMS) in compliance with ISO 14001: 2004 with the certification of a third party,
  • The gradual reduction of resources used per unit of product,
  • The continuous improvement of its infrastructure with environmental impact, through the search for effective solutions and more efficient.

These objectives, always measurable wherever possible and meaningful, entail an ever increasing commitment and involvement by the entire company, with a commitment to economic and organisational resources, and continuous attention to and monitoring of environmental impacts.

Cesarin Spa sets out and maintains forms of control, including periodic reviews by the environmental management system integrated with quality, to ensure that the contents defined in this document are implemented and maintained. In addition, it undertakes to disclose this document to all the people working for it or on its behalf, and to make it available to customers and to the public.

Politiche Ambientali / Tecnologia e rispetto dell’ambiente


Innovazione e rispetto per l’ambiente: sono queste le finalità che Cesarin ha dimostrato nel corso di 80 anni di attività e di produzioni in armonia con la natura. una scelta strategica che non si limita a contenere l’uso delle risorse ma a ridurre l’impatto ambientale, nel rispetto dell'ecosistema della Vallata dell'Alpone in cui l’azienda è inserita e delle vigenti normative.


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