Ripples with fruit no added sugar for gelato

Variegature Light Mister Alberto

Ripples with pieces of Fruit Light No added sugar

45% less Kcal compared to the average values of our ripples with pieces

Inviting, genuine and full of flavor with few calories and no added sugar: this is the secret of the new Line of Ripples with pieces of Fruit Cesarin Light.
An absolute novelty in terms of quality: MisterAlberto products are without preservatives or colors and with only natural flavors. A selection of fruit from specific territorial areas, for keeping intact all the flavor of the sun ripened fruit:

  • Apricot Pellecchiella, inimitable for its particularly sweet and juicy pulp;
  • Annurca Apple, unique for its crunchy and aromatic properties and for its excellent organoleptic and nutritional properties;
  • Amarena Montmorency, an incomparable concentrate of natural nutrients with its pleasantly acidic and succulent flavor.:

The new Line of Fruit Ripples Light MisterAlberto, will give an extra gear to all your preparations: from your gelato to the semifreddo and wherever you want to give an unmistakable fruit note.


  • Low calories.
  • No colors.
  • Only natural aromas.
  • Rich in fiber.
  • Contains only sugars from fruit.

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