Frutta in Crema - Filling for panettoni

Frutta in Crema

Rich in fruit like a jam, velvety and delicious as a cream: Linea Frutta in Crema is Cesarin’s response to those seeking a product rich in flavor and boasting excellent stability.

It is a cream crafted with 50% of carefully selected fresh fruit, free from preservatives, coloring, and stabilizers.
A natural essence felt with every taste: concealed within the velvety texture, small fruit pieces release their full natural flavor, ensuring a tempting palatability, intense aroma, and an intriguing consistency.
Thanks to its special formulation, Frutta in Crema doesn’t transfer moisture to the finished product, ensuring a clean cut.
Furthermore, its low water content doesn’t alter the traditional shelf life of the product.
A versatile, ready-to-use product, perfect for the post-baking filling of small and large leavened products, cakes, muffins, and donuts, using a simple piping bag or other automatic and manual injectors.


  • Natural quality
  • Versatility
  • Stability and long shelf life


Post baking: leavened products, muffins, panettones, plum cakes

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