L'AgrumITA - slush with real citrus taste

L' AgrumITA

Colourful as the Summer, delicious as the fruit, fragrant as the best Italian citrus fruits.

These are the features of the new line L’AgrumITA Cesarin, the professional product designed for making excellent fruit-based slushes in a simple and natural way.
L’AgrumITA Cesarin gives the right identity to the granita, a symbolic Made in Italy product, disqualified for a long time for the use of artificial ingredients.

L’AgrumITA revolutionizes the slush concept and brings naturalness to the forefront: we use only fresh citrus fruits PGI or Slow Food origin certificated, finely ground, without thickeners, dyes, emulsifiers or artificial flavours, in order to give the full flavour of the whole ripe fruit. A naturalness that can be seen with the naked eye: the small fragments of grounded fruit present release the intense flavour of the raw material, so as to make your slush absolutely unmistakable.

A focus on quality that does not forget the practicality of use: pour L’AgrumITA mixed with only water directly into the slush machine.

The result is a “flaky” texture, velvety and imperceptible to the palate, as only the real fruit and natural sugars can achive. Make a difference, paint your shop with the Summer colours with L’AgrumITA Cesarin.

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