Candied Cherry red and green for industry of pastry Cesarin

Candied Cherry Red and Green

Red and Green candied cherries, real delicacies with a simple and timeless flavour, bright colour, available in different calibrations. Designed for the confectionery industry, to decorate or to be included in bakery pastries. Red Cherry Berry is a range of bright candied cherries with natural colouring without preservatives, allergens and sulfur dioxide residues. The careful selection of raw materials guarantees a very high quality, respecting the characteristics of naturalness, consistency, shape and colour required by the market. Black Cherry Berry is a range of amarena flavoured cherries, characterised by a brilliant and natural black produced without dyes, without preservatives and no allergens.



Long duration
Ready to use
Preservative free


Cakes, biscuits, muffins, Plum-cake, panettone, colombe


24 months in a cool and dry place *
12 months in a cool and dry place


5 kg. cartons
10 kg. cartons

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