TuttaFrutta semi-dried fruit for pastry Cesarin


TuttaFrutta is a range of semi-dried fruit obtained from fresh, selected, cold-worked fruit with an innovative osmotic method designed by Cesarin. Semi-dried fruit has a natural flavour and is devoid of aromas and colourants. The reduced sugar intake (60 Bx) maintains a brilliant appearance in yeast based products and in all baking applications. Great for fillings and decorating and particularly balanced in taste, in line with the taste and naturalness requirements of the market.



Wide range of uses to enhance creativity and provide ideas for new combinations to create innovative cakes.


Yeast based products and desserts, brioche, muffins, plum-cakes, baked goods.


Citrus fruits: 4 months at temp. <18 ° C and 12 months 0/5 ° C Pear, Apricot 1/2: 4 months at temp. <18 ° C and 12 months at -18 ° C Special Amarena: 12 months at temp. <18 ° Other: 6 months at temp. <18 ° C and 12 months at -18 ° C


2 x 2.5 kg. and 20 kg. buckets.< /br> Special Amarena: 2 x 3 kg. tins.

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