Tutte le Ricette


Maestro Roland Zanin

Bicchierini Mandarino Marroni


Biscuit Pastry

  • Egg whites 146 gr.
  • Yolks 95 gr.
  • Caster sugar 122 gr.
  • Flour 00 170W 147 gr.


  • 35 g. of Profumi d’Italia Cesarin Late mandarins of Ciaculli for each cup. Cesarin Chestnut Crumbs Chestnuts 

Mousse di Marroni

  • Pouring cream 35% fat Cesarin g. 250 
  • Chestnut cream g. 100

Biscuit Pastry

Beat the yolks and the Caster sugar with the whisk of the food mixer. In a second dish, beat the Egg whites. Unite the two mixtures and then carefully fold in the sieved flour. Finally spread the mixture on a cooking tray covered with greaseproof paper and cook the biscuit base in a ventilated oven at 190°C for 8 minutes. 

Pouring cream 35% fat Cesarin Chestnut cream Procedure Soften the chestnut cream with a flat spatula. Mount the cream with the whisk of the food mixer. Work the two mixtures with a whisk.


Use 8 glasses with a diameter of 7 cm. With the help of a 5-cm round pastry cutter, cut out disks of biscuit pastry and place them on the bottom of the glasses. Spray the Cesarin Late mandarins of Ciaculli in the glass then add some Chestnut Crumbs. Complete with the chestnut mousse and level the surface to the height of the lip of the glass. Sprinkle the glass with TopGel Mirror Neutral. Decorate the glasses with a whole chestnut and decorate with dark chocolate.