Fondente al lampone


Farciciok Raspberry Cesarin

Dark chocolate ganache

  • Cream g. 300
  • Glucose g. 90
  • Trimoline g. 45
  • Dextrose g. 45
  • Chocolate 70% g. 300
  • Cocoa butter g. 30


  • Red cocoa butter.


  • Dark chocolate.

Spray the chocolate mold with red cocoa butter. Prepare the chocolate shell and once set, fill the hollows with the Cesarin Farciciok Raspberry.

Dark chocolate ganache

In a saucepan bring to a boil the cream with all the sugars, pour the mix on the cocoa butter and the dark chocolate and mix. Crystallize the ganache for 12 hours and then fill up the mold partialy filled with the Farciciok Raspberry. Leave the dark ganache to set and then finish the chocolate bar with dark chocolate