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Pastry Chef Silvia Federica Boldetti


Pink Cream Puffs



  • Flour g. 150
  • Butter g. 150
  • Crystalline sugar g. 150

Puffs shells

  • Water g. 95
  • Milk g. 95
  • Flour g. 240
  • Butter g. 170
  • Salt g. 1
  • Sugar g. 5
  • Whole eggs g. 390


Raspberry cream

  • Raspberry pulp g. 450
  • Water g. 150
  • Granulated sugar g. 75
  • Rice starch g. 45
  • Eggs white g. 75
  • Ruby chocolate g. 325

Raspberry Chantilly

  • Raspberry cream g. 500
  • Fresh cream g. 500
  • Ice choc Ruby shards g. 50
  • Gelatine 200 bloom g. 5
  • Water for gelatine g. 30


Mix quickly all the ingredients. Roll between two sheets of baking paper at 1mm and freeze. Cut the dough to the appropriate size and cover the puff shells with the frozen disc before to bake.

Puffs shells

Boil the water with the milk, butter, salt and sugar. Add the sifted flour and cook until the batter is detached from the pan edges. Pour the dough into the mixer bowl with the leaf. Add the eggs little by little. With a pastry bag make some round puff shells. Cover with the craqueline discs and bake at 160 degrees for about 30 minutes until golden brown.

Raspberry cream

Mix all the ingredients except the Ruby chocolate and cook in the microwave at 82 degrees. Pour the mix still hot on the Ruby chocolate and emulsify using a stick blender.

Raspberry Chantilly

Rehydrate the gelatin in the water. In the mixer bowl, whip the fresh cream with the cold Ruby cream and add the finely chopped Ruby chocolate flakes and the squeezed gelatin.


Cut the puff shell in two horizontally. Put a little bit of the raspberry cream in the base garnish with some TuttaFrutta raspberry Cesarin. Fill up the second part of the puff shells with the raspberry chantilly and join the 
two parts. Decorate with some TuttaFrutta raspberries Cesarin and edible gold flakes.

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