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Pastry Chef Alexandre Bourdeaux

Caramel bar with fruit


Passion fruit caramel

  • Caster sugar g. 495
  • Glucose syrup 60 DE g. 99
  • Fresh cream 35% g. 130
  • Fresh butter g. 99
  • Passion fruit purée g. 175
  • Salt g. 3
  • Cointreau g. 20

Almond crumble

  • Almond powder g. 150
  • Dark brown sugar g. 150
  • Pastry flour g. 100
  • Potato starch g. 50
  • Salt g. 2
  • Lemon LWA cubes 3x3 Cesarin g. 40
  • Butter g. 150

Passion fruit caramel 

Cook the sugar until light brown. Add the cream, glucose syrup and the fruit purèe preheated. Add the butter and cook at 107 ° C. Cool down. Fill in the chocolate bars once at room temperature.

Almond crumble

Combine all the powders in a mixer with paddle attachment add the cold butter in pieces and mix until crumble leave it to rest in the fridge for 2 hours and bake at 160°c for 10-15’


Mold with milk chocolate some chocolate bars, leave to cristallize. Fill with the caramel and add Mango Cubes HG and Pineapple Cubes HG. Cover with crumble and enrobe completely the chocolate bar. Decorate at your choice.


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