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Pastry Chef Roland Zanin

Crostata di amarene e pistacchio


Shortcrust Pastry

  • Flour g. 956
  • Sugar g. 382
  • Butter g. 478
  • Egg yolk g. 181
  • Salt g. 1
  • Vanilla pod  pc. 1

Almond and Pistachio Cream

  • Butter g. 353
  • TPT g. 706
  • Pistachio paste g. 170
  • Corn starch g. 37
  • Eggs g. 212
  • Whole pistachios interi g. 71
  • Custard cream to cook g. 424

Crema pasticcera

  • Corn starch  g. 8
  • Sugar g. 98
  • Milk g. 163
  • Egg yolk g. 122
  • Even cream g. 33


  • Butter g. 300
  • Sugar g. 300
  • Almond powder  g. 300
  • Salt g. 3,5
  • Flour g. 300
  • Green cardamomo powder g. 1

Shortcrust Pastry

Blend the egg with half of the sugar, whisk and put it in the fridge to rest for 12 hours Melt the salt in a very small part of water Add to the eggs the remaining sugar and the melted salt Mix the flour with the butter Pour the previous mixture Keep on kneading and let it rest for a night Lay out in sheets and freeze, cut and line the moulds Freeze and bake at 160° for 20 min. with opened valve

Almond and Pistachio Cream

Blend everything together


Prepare the custard and let it cool Cut into unrefined pieces the pistachios Soften the butter In the stand mixer knead with the paddle the tpt and the butter Add the pistachio paste and blend all the ingredients Join the corn starch and blend again Add the eggs and mix Join the pistachio pieces and lastly the cold custard cream Let the cream rest in the fridge for 24 hours If necessary, put the compound in the stand mixer for some seconds


Grind the cardamom in order to obtain a powder Mix the butter with the flour, without whisking them Add all the ingredients and knead them Cool Sift the compound with a big sifter Store the streusel in the blast chiller with the negative modality, until you need to use it


Pipe in a layer of pistachio cream inside the pre-cooked base of shortcrust pastry On the pistachio cream, put 150 g of TuttaFrutta Special Sorcherry in a homogeneous way Add more pistachio cream, until you reach the edge of the mould Bake at 160° for 10 min. Spread the crumble on top of the tart creating a dome baking it again, at 160° for 35-40 min with half-opened valve