Shortcrus Pastry



  • Tuorlo g. 180
  • Zucchero g. 390
  • Burro g. 480
  • Farina Frolla g. 960
  • Sale g. 1
  • Baccello di vaniglia Bourbon pz. 1

Composta di mele

  • Tuttafrutta Mela g. 1500
  • Succo di limone g. 20
  • Polvere di pepe Jamaica macinato g. 2
  • Buccia arancio pz. 4
  • Burro noisette g. 50
  • Zucchero canna g. 70
  • TuttaFrutta Tropicale g. 500

Streusel Special

  • Burro g. 200
  • Zucchero semolato g. 200
  • Farina g. 200
  • Polvere di mandorle g. 120
  • Semi di papavero g. 50
  • Sale g. 4

Shortcrust pastry

Mix the egg yolk with half of the sugar.
Cover them and let them rest in the fridge for 12 hours, once its rested, add metled salt with water in it.
Mix the flour with the butter. Add the dry ingredients and liquid and knead it with a paddle attachement.
Once you obtain a smooth dough, let it rest Roll out the shortcrust pastry to the dimension and thickness you prefer.
Line the ring mould, before laying down gently the side, later easing down the disk
Let it rest, bake at 160° for 20 min. Once cooled, close it off with the cocoa butter

Apple compote

Blend everything together

Special Crumble

Mix in the stand mixer the butter with the others ingredients. Put the mixture on a baking tray and cool
Sift it with a big sifter.Let it rest in the blast chiller


Spread the Profumi d’Italia Ciaculli Mandarin into the tart and a spiral of Cesarin Jam Fill the tart until the edge with apple compote
Put the crumbled streusel on the top creating a dome Bake at 175° for 25 min.
Let the cake cool and cover it with icing sugar and fruit then cut it into pieces


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