FarciCiock no pieces

FarciCiock without pieces

Farciciock is a line of fruit fillings designed to combine with chocolate as it has low water activity and does not create fluorescence. It can also be used in blocks of chocolate or combined into a ganache for pralines. It is created through a unique production process that optimises and mixes water with the fruit’s natural properties, such as fibre. This makes it possible to achieve a natural and tasty flavour that goes well with your chocolate creations. The consistency is just right, with no pieces, so it can be used in a One Shot measuring apparatus.



Easy to use
Can be measured mechanically
Reduced water activity ≤ 0.6


Blocks of chocolate, pralines, chocolate bars with fillings, truffles, energy bars, seasonal items.

Recipes / FarciCiock without pieces

Premium chocolate of chef Davide Comaschi for Cesarin
Fondente al lampone
Davide Comaschi

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