HG Fruit for bars, muesli and granola

For energy and protein bars, chocolate bars, muesli and granola

Innovate with osmotic dehydration

The HG Fruit Line was developed with an innovative stabilization method studied by our R&D. Using natural osmosis, we remove part of the water from the fruit and then dry it with an innovative and gentle process, which inhibits the water activity to decrease the moisture content and make the product stable. Cesarin’s HG line is also available in the light version without added sugars.

The addition of HG fruit in preparations, helps to improve the taste and visual effect, but also to increase the nutritional value enriching the final product. The high dry contains and low water activity of HG fruit, makes it also suitable for products that require a long shelf-life. Thanks to its extraordinary functional and sensory characteristics, Fruit HG opens up a whole range of new value-added applications in the food industry.

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