Semicandied Fruit for industry ice-cream Cesarin

Semicandied Fruit

The Semi-candied Fruit FruitLine is produced by processing chilled fruit so as to leave the organoleptic characteristics of the raw materials unchanged. The low sugar content (45° bx) contributes to give the product a fresh, natural flavor and preventing it from freezing at negative temperature. It is a line featuring whole fruit or large pieces with a soft, firm texture and vibrant, natural color. In order to preserve these characteristics better, Semi-candied Fruit is packaged with 20% of its syrup.



Easy to use
Low sugar content
Softness at negative temperatures
80% fruit content


Decorative topping on ice cream products (tubs or cartons), as characterizing the contents of the ice cream and in parfaits or as an ingredient for the production of variegation and other unfinished products for artisanal ice cream


6 months at 0-5°C, 12 months at -18°C


20 kg buckets

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