Fruit fillings industry of pastry Cesarin

Passate (Fruit fillings)

FrutiLine fruit filling are semi-prepared products with top quality pasteurised fresh fruit, and are rich in texture although there are no pieces. Cesarin’s policy is to use only natural purees in their toppings, with no added sulphur dioxide (an allergen).

These fillings have been developed for use before or after baking and to be resistant to freezing. The range includes everything from easily spreadable, creamy products (also suitable for fillings using a pastry bag), to products for more compact structures so they can withstand high baking temperatures.



Resistance to baking
Resistance to freezing
Can be measured mechanically
Absence of allergens
Practicality of conservation after opening


Biscuits, croissants, tarts, cakes, pains au chocolat, baked goods

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