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Pastry Chef Roberto Rinaldini

Torta Perja


Mandarin sponge cake

  • 100 gr. almond powder 
  • 50 gr. white cane sugar    
  • 140 gr. whole eggs 
  • 25 gr. weak flour     
  • 20 gr. melted butter
  • 100 gr. fresh egg white
  • 50 gr. Profumi d' Italia Ciaculli Late Mandarin

Bagna al profumo di pera

  • 400 gr. Water                 
  • n. 2 vanilla pods. 
  • 200 gr. white cane sugar
  • 300 gr. Tuttafrutta Pear
  • 200 gr. pear liqueur

Cremoso al cioccolato

  • 385 gr. fresh whole milk         
  • 385 gr. fresh cream 35% m.g.    
  • 80 gr. white cane sugar
  • 150 gr. pasteurized egg yolks
  • 440 gr. Dark chocolate 66%

Bavarese di ricotta 

  • 400 gr. Ricotta
  • 400 gr. fresh cream 35% m.g. 
  • 32 gr. water
  • 186 gr. white cane sugar
  • 195 gr. pasteurized egg yolks    
  • 130 gr. Profumi d' Italia Ciaculli Late Mandarin 
  • n. 8 gelatine sheets
  • 40 gr. gelatine water  

Mandarin sponge cake

Beat the eggs, sugar and almond powder with the first planetary mixer; while in the second planetary beat egg white and sugar till stiff, mix the two ingredients by hand being careful not to make the mixture runny, gently add the sifted flour and then the melted butter and pasta Profumi d' Italia Ciaculli Late Mandarin mixed together. Roll out the dough on silicone mats with the disk shape and bake at 200 ° C for 7 minutes.

Soak with pear scent

Boil water and sugar with vanilla. Turn off the heat and add the liqueur and Tuttafrutta pear for 6 hours hermetically sealed.

Chocolate cremoso

Boil the milk and cream, dilute the beaten egg yolks with sugar, combine everything and cook at 82 C. Remove from the heat, add the softened and squeezed gelatine, stir until completely melted, strain through a strainer directly on the finely chopped cover; emulsify with an immersion blender while avoiding incorporating air bubbles. 

Ricotta cheese Bavarese

In a planetary beat the ricotta up to 80% of its volume at medium speed, cream Profumi d' Italia Ciaculli Late Mandarin. On the heat bring the water with sugar to 121 ° C water and pour in the egg yolks beaten in a second planetary mixer. Leave to thicken and when slightly cooled add the dissolved gelatine. Gently mix the two mixtures.

Composition and finishing

Prepare the interior of the cake with chocolate cream. Then drizzle in a 2 cm deep ring. diameter 16 cm. above the sponge cake soaked with the syrup pears, of same ring size and Tuttafrutta pear; beat. For the cake we will use a 18cm diameter and 4cm deep ring.; fill a 30% ring with the Bavarese di ricotta and put inside the cremoso. Finish with another Bavarese and complete with another sponge cake 16 cm. along the edge of the ring , then soak it with more pears. Upon finishing caramelize with brown sugar on the surface of the cake and break down for a few minutes. Then place a ring 14 cm. smaller over the cake and frost he edges of the cake with TopGel Mirror Cacao previously tempered and beat again for a few minutes. Garnish with a ring of cubed Tuttafrutta pear.