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Chocolate Sponge cake

  • Fresh eggs g. 590
  • Sugar g. 320
  • Honey g. 30
  • Egg yolks g. 150
  • Flour g. 250
  • Potato starch g. 100
  • Dark chocolate 65% g. 150
  • Butter g. 70

Vanilla syrup

  • Water g. 500
  • Glucose g. 100
  • Sugar g. 200
  • Vanilla pods 2

Cabossa Jam Cesarin for layer g. 95

Sacher Glaze 

  • Dark chocolate g. 1000
  • Sunflower oil g. 100
  • Glacier butter g. 100

Chocolate Sponge cake

In a mixer bowl whip the eggs with the sugar and honey. Add the egg yolks little by little and continue to whisk. Sift the powders and add the dry mix gently to the whipped eggs, finally add the melted butter and the chocolate melted at 45 ºC. Spread the mixture on a silpat to 5 mm thick with the helpof a raplette dough spreader. Cook at 200ºC for 8 minutes. With the help of a metal ring, cut disks of 18 cm of diameter. Spread on a sheet of acetate a very thin layer of dark chocolate, and before it crystallizes, add a disk of chocolate sponge cake.

Vanilla syrup

Mix all the ingredients and bring to a boil.

Sacher Glaze

Mix everything together and crystallize to 26°


Cut four 18 cm disks of chocolate sponge cake. Soak each disk with 26 g of vanilla syrup and spread 95 gr of Cabossa Jam over each disk forming a cake. Freeze the cake in a shock freezer. Once unmolded, bring back the cake to room temperature and then Glaze with the Sacher Glaze previously prepared

Tasty idea

As an alternative to traditional sacher glaze, use TopGel Mirror Cocoa Cesarin

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