FarciCiok fruit filling to enriche chocolate Cesarin


Farciciock Selezione is a pre-prepared fruit filling designed to be combined with chocolate due to its low water activity. It can be used as such or combined with your ganache. It comes from a unique production process that optimises the mixture and water and the natural components of fruit, such as fibre, resulting in a rich filling of pieces of fruit, with a natural and pleasant taste, that goes well with your chocolate creations.



Dosable with the pastry bag (sac à poche)


Chocolates, chocolate bars

The taste FarciCiok

Recipes / FarciCiok

Cesarin FarciCiock Fragola - Gennaro Volpe - Ciocko Ciups

Ciocko Ciups Strawberry

Gennaro Volpe
FarciCiock Fragola

Cesarin FarciCiock Arancio - Gennaro Volpe - Ciocko Ciups

Ciocko Ciups Orange

Gennaro Volpe
FarciCiock Arancio

Cesarin FarciCiock Pera - Gennaro Volpe - Ciocko Ciups

Ciocko Ciups Pear

Gennaro Volpe
FarciCiock Pear

Cesarin FarciCiock - Gennaro Volpe - Ciocko Ciups

CiockoCiups Sourcherry

Gennaro Volpe


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