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Pastry Chef Alexandre Bourdeaux

Cheese Cake Cubes


Sugar dought

  • Fresh butter g. 260
  • Icing sugar g. 162
  • Whole eggs g. 80
  • Salt g. 2
  • Pastry flour g. 425
  • Almond powder g. 72

Rum Frangipane and mango.

  • Fresh butter g. 112
  • Salt g. 1
  • Icing sugar g. 136
  • Whole eggs g. 136
  • Almond powder g. 136
  • Pastry flour g. 41
  • Baking powder g. 2
  • Mango Cubes HG Cesarin g. 50
  • Dark Brown Rum 50° g. 20

Mascarpone filling

  • Mascarpone g. 425
  • Whole Yogurt g. 180
  • Fresh cream 35% g. 75
  • Whole eggs g. 155
  • Sugar g. 140
  • Salt g. 1
  • Lemon Granules HG Cesarin g. 10

Sugar dough 

In a mixer using the paddle attachment, smooth butter and icing sugar. Gradually add the whole eggs. To finish add the sieved powders together. Let stand 24 hours, lower to 2 mm and cook at 160 ° C for 12 ‘

Rum Frangipane and mango

Whip butter, sugar and salt in a mixer using the 
paddle attachment. Add the tempered eggs and finish with the Sieved powders and Mango Cubes HG Fill the bottom of the tart rings.

Mascarpone filling

Soften the mascarpone with the yogurt and 
Lemon Granules HG. Temper the eggs with sugar and add to the cheese. Fill up the tarts and bake at 140°c for 30 minutes.


In a silicone cube mold, insert a baked sugar square in the bottom, fill with frangipane at 1/2 the mold. Bake it 10’ at 170°C. Leave it to cool down completely. Fill up with the mascarpone filling until the top and bake at 120°C for 30 minutes in a deep tray with water bath. Cool down, freeze and spray with white chocolate mixture. Decorate at your choice.