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Libro de recetas

Pastry Chef Alexandre Bourdeaux

Torrone More e Amarene



  • Water and fruit purée g. 187
  • Glucose syrup 60 DE g. 122
  • Caster sugar g. 567
  • Honey g. 340
  • Egg white g. 68
  • Caster sugar g. 28
  • Lightly roasted pistachios g. 175
  • Sourcherry HG Cesarin g. 135
  • Whole blackberry HG Cesarin g. 120
  • Lightly roasted almonds g. 130
  • Cocoa butter g. 34

Cook the first three ingredients together at 160°C.
Start cooking the honey when the caramel is at 130°C. Cook the honey at 120°C.
Add the cooked sugar to the previously whipped egg whites.
At 60 °, remove the whisk and put down the sheet. Add almonds and pistachios, Sourcherry HG and blackberry HG,
cocoa butter and frame.
Put on the sheet.