Candied Chestnuts for pastry and ice cream Cesarin


Thanks to the strong tradition of candied fruit and in line with the company's philosophy in the pursuit of quality, Cesarin can offer the ranges: Whole Chestnut syrup available in “Piemonte" and "Napoli" varieties selected for colour and large, medium and small calibration. Dried broken chestnuts, premium chopped fruit ; Chestnut Bakery (Glaces), whole fruit drained, glazed and already wrapped, ready to be sold; Chestnut paste, made from chestnuts Steam peeled and chestnut cream, ideal to variegate ice cream.



Fresh fruit without preservatives


Cake decorating (Mont Blanc) and pastries


Recipes / Chestnuts

Agrumi Canditi Cesarin ricetta Cecile Moritel
Cake Marroni e Agrumi
Cécile Farkas Moritel
Marroni e Cubetti Mandarino Academy
Frutta HG Cesarin - Ricetta Davide Malizia
Cake de voyage Williams
Davide Malizia
TuttaFrutta, Purea DìFrutta, Frutta HG, DolceFrutta

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