Pralinè Terre di Sicilia


Palet pralinè ginger

  • 167 g. Almond praline
  • 84 g. Pure almond paste 
  • 13 g. Cesarin Fruit HG - Ginger granules
  • 33 g. Pailleté feuilletine  
  • 30 g. Cocoa butter

Blood orange ganache

  • 150 g. Cream 35% fat
  • 225 g. Cesarin Profumi d’Italia - Blood Orange Sicily
  • 45 g. Dextrose 
  • 225 g. Dark Chocolate 64%
  • 45 g. Anhydrous butter pf 28

Palet pralinè gigembre

In a mixer, reduce the feuilletine and Ginger granules Fruit HG to powder. Melt the cocoa butter, add the praline and cool down at 22° C.
Add the paillete feuilletine and lay down on tray at 2 mm. After cristallization, cut disk that fit the molds.

Blood orange ganache

Heat the cream and the dextrose to 40° C. Melt the chocolate to 35°C. Soften the butter. In a blender, add the liquids, chocolate, Cesarin Profumi d’Italia - Blood Orange Sicily and butter.
Emulsify well. Pipe the ganache directly into the molds.


Stamp the bottom of the mold with gold cocoa butter and let crystallize. Spray the complete mold with red cocoa butter and fili the molds with dark chocolate.
Pipe the blood orange ganache and close with a disc of ginger praliné.

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