Profumi Italia biological preparation for pastry and gelato Cesarin

Profumi d'Italia Selezione

Small areas, famous for their protected and favored geographic position and traditional cultivation way, guarantee the production of native fruits varieties distinguished by incomparable organoleptic properties. These characteristics helped to create the new Cesarin Line called Profumi d’Italia, a range of fruit preparations ready to use for any application where a fresh and pleasant fruit taste is required. Suitable for leavened dough cakes and bakery products, ice cream, semifreddo and for any other recipes created by fantasy of Italian pastry chefs. Mandarin of Ciaculli (Slow Food committee) and Limoncello Paste (made from Amalfi coast lemons) are first stages to discover best fruits of Italy, a promise to enrich the offer with new unforgettable references.



Multiple applications
Suitable into pastry bag (sac a pochè)
Natural taste


Leavened, portions, variegated ice cream, semifreddo


6 months at temp. <18 °
12 months at -18 ° C


2 pails of 3.5 kg.

Giuria del Gusto Superiore dell’International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi)


Profumo D'Italia Mandarino Tardivo Di Ciaculli
3 Stelle d’Oro

Recipes / Profumi d'Italia Selezione

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