Jellies for pastry and ice-cream Cesarin


Cesarin’s semi-finished jelly, jelly-based products are characterised by high transparency, which gives these specialty pastries and ice creams brightness, glossiness and imaginative colour. When used on fruit it gives uniformity, covering them with a soft and agreeable consistency, which protects the confectionary while improving its appearance and flavour.

These products are to be diluted in a bain-marie water bath with a minimum of 20% to a maximum of 50% water. Once diluted they can also be used with a jelly-spraying machine.



Easy to use
Perfect transparency
Protection and conservation of tarts, in particular those with fruit. It also ensures longer conservation.
Can be sprayed (with a jelly-spraying machine) 


Tarts, fruit petit-four, wafers designed with designs on them, fruit pastries, mini desserts, frozen desserts, cakes, cheesecakes, zuccotto, Bavarians, mousse, pudding cups, fruit ganache.


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