DolceFrutta Bakery preparation stuffing to garnish pastry Cesarin

Dolcefrutta bakery

Selezione DolceFrutta is a semi-finished product range with a high percentage of fruit content, created for garnishing and decorating pastry and ice cream preparations. Thanks to the limited amount of sugar, the products are characterised by a fresh taste, a natural colour and a pleasant softness that persists even at negative temperatures.



It doesn't freeze at negative temperatures
It withstands high temperatures of the oven.
Ready to use, after opening it should be stored in the refrigerator


Strudel, baked products, post-baking products, spoon desserts, brioches, tarts, ice-creams, semifreddo

Recipes / Dolcefrutta bakery

Cesarin e Cecile Moritel
Monoporzione Fraisa
Cecile F. Moritel
Frutta HG, Puree DiFrutta, TuttaFrutta, DolceFrutta
Frutta HG Cesarin - Ricetta Davide Malizia
Cake de voyage Williams
Davide Malizia
TuttaFrutta, Purea DìFrutta, Frutta HG, DolceFrutta
Cesarin Yann Brys
Tartellette alla Mela
M.O.F. Yann Brys
MisterAlberto Light
Davide Malizia Sottobosco Cake - Recipe for Cesarin
Davide Malizia
Paste DìFrutta

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