LWA Fruit (low water activity) to enrich chocolate Cesarin

LWA Fruit (low water activity)

FruitLine L.W.A. and HG Fruit is obtained owing to an exclusive production process which allows for inhibiting the activity of the water in the original fruit without upsetting the organoleptic qualities. Because it does not feature the typical viscosity of traditional candied fruit, L.W.A. fruit can be dosed using automated lines, it’s ideal usage is for the production of chocolate bars or filled chocolate, where the humidity of the fruit is a very disturbing factor for the duration and integrity of the finished product. The result, fully achieved by Cesarin S.p.A.’s Research and Development Department, is a product with a pleasant fruity taste which last a long time as a chocolate filling.



Chocolates, chocolate coated pastry, garnishes, muesli, nougat

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