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Maestro Davide Comaschi

Tarte ai frutti di bosco


Almond sable 

  • Butter g. 360
  • Vanilla pods 2
  • Flour g. 740
  • Icing sugar g. 340
  • Whole eggs g. 200
  • Salt g. 6
  • Almond flour g. 120
  • Potato starch g. 200


  • Butter g. 300
  • Sugar g. 300
  • Almond powder g. 300
  • Whole eggs g. 300
  • Flour g. 90
  • Baking g. 12
  • PastaFrutta Lemon Cesarin g. 3
  • Vanilla pods 3
  • TuttaFrutta Fruit of the Forest Cesarin g. 550

Red fruits Mousse

  • Strawberry puree Cesarin g. 200
  • Raspberry puree Cesarin g. 300
  • Blueberry puree Cesarin g. 100
  • Lemon juice g. 40
  • Sugar g. 110
  • Gelatine in powder g. 25
  • Water g. 125
  • Cream semi-whipped g. 1.500

Almond sable

Mix the first three ingredients in a mixer bowl. Add the icing sugar, the eggs with the dissolved salt inside, and finally the almond flour and potato starch sifted together. Line a tart ring mould with the dough rolled out at 2.5mm and bake at 165 ºC for 15 minutes.


Whip the butter with the sugar, vanilla and PasfaFrutta Lemon using a mixer bowl. Add the almond powder and the eggs little by little, continuing to whisk and finally the flour. Add gently by hand the TuttaFrutta Fruit of the Forest. Pour 210 g of mixture into each shortcrust pastry shell and bake at 170 C for 14 minutes.

Red fruits Mousse

Mix all the fruit pulps with the sugar and heat up to 30ºC. Add the previously rehydrated and dissolved gelatine. Add gently the semi-whipped cream and pour into the mold. Cool down in a shock freezer. Glaze with the TopGel Mirror strawberry. For a homogeneous application, heat the product in the microwave at a temperature of 45-55 ºC and then pour the mirror glaze on the very cold cake.


On an acetate sheet, spread some white chocolate, scatter the Raspberry Granules HG and then cut two rings: the first with outside diameter 19cm and inside 17cm, the second with the outer diameter of 7cm, and the inner of 6cm. Decorate the glazed cake with the two chocolate rings and fill up the small one with TuttaFrutta Fruit of the Forest.


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