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Black Rose


Chocolate Sponge cake

  • Fresh eggs g. 590
  • Sugar g. 320
  • Honey g. 30
  • Egg yolks g. 150
  • Flour g. 250
  • Potato starch g. 100
  • Dark chocolate 65% g. 150
  • Butter g. 70

Custard cream 

  • Milk    g. 1000
  • Vanilla pod    1
  • Egg yolks    g. 300
  • Sugar    g. 240
  • Rice starch    g. 100

Vanilla’s Chantilly

  • Pastry cream g. 240
  • Gelatine in powder g. 9.5
  • Water g. 48
  • Vanilla pod 1
  • Cream semi-whipped g. 1.200

Chocolate Sponge cake

In a mixing bowl, whip the eggs with the sugar and honey. Add the egg yolks little by little and continue to whisk. Add the powders sifted to the whipped eggs and the sugar, adding the melted butter and chocolate melted at 45 ºC at the end. Spread the mix on a silpat to 8 mm thick using a raplette dough spreader, bake at 190ºC for 12 minutes. Using a metal pastry ring cut disk of 6,5 cm.

Custard cream

In a saucepan bring the milk and the vanilla to a boil. In the meanwhile, mix the rice starch, the sugar and egg yolks. Dissolve the dry ingredients into the milk and cook the custard cream until thick. Cover with plastic wrap in direct contact and cool down in a fridge.

Vanilla’s Chantilly

Mix the previously rehydrated and dissolved gelatin with the vanilla beans into the custard cream heated up at 35°. Add gently the semi-whipped cream.

DolceFrutta Amarena Professional Cesarin

Fill up the individual portion moulds to 1/3 with the vanilla’s Chantilly. Fill the centre with 20 gr. of Dolcefrutta Amarena Professional and finish the top of the individual cake with a disk of Chocolate sponge cake. Set the individual cakes in a shock freezer.


Spray the individual portion cakes with black cocoa butter and use the TopGel Mirror Sourcherry  as decoration with some pieces of edible gold leaves.

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