Profumi d’Italia Dessert


Pistachio crumble

  • Butter g. 100
  • Sugar g. 100
  • Pistachio paste g. 40
  • Flour g. 100
  • Pistachio flour g. 100
  • Egg yolks g. 20
  • PastaFrutta Orange g. 5
  • Vanilla Pod 1/2

Citrus mousse

  • Profumi d’Italia Limoncello Cesarin g. 100
  • Profumi d’Italia Late mandarin of Ciaculli Cesarin g. 80
  • Profumi d’Italia Sicilian blood orange Cesarin g. 120
  • Gelatine in powdred g. 12
  • Water g. 60
  • Cream semi-whipped g. 500


  • TopGel Mirror Neutral Cesarin


  • Fruit HG Granules Orange Cesarin
  • Fruit HG Granules Lemon Cesarin

Pistachio crumble

Mix the vanilla, sugar and orange peel in a mixer bowl; add the pistachio paste and the egg yolks, then the flours sifted together. Cook on a silpat at 160 ºC for 17 minutes.

Citrus mousse

Mix with an hand blender the Profumi d’Italia, then warm them up to 30° and mix inside the gelatine previously rehydrated and dissolved. Add gently the semi-whipped cream and pour into the mold. Set the mousse into a shock freezer: once very hard, glaze the small mousse with Topgel Mirror Neutral and Orange.

Glazing with Topgel Mirror neutral and orange


Prepare some decorations scattering the Granules of Orange and Lemon HG on the top of round disks of melted white chocolate.

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