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Pastry Chef Silvia Federica Boldetti

Like a mimosa



  • Butter g. 225
  • Sugar g. 140
  • Almond powder g. 50
  • Salt g. 1
  • Whole eggs g. 90
  • Vanilla beans n. 1
  • Weak flour g. 370
  • Mixture to waterproof
    Eggs g. 100
    Cream g. 100

Custard cream

  • Full fat milk g. 490
  • Fresh cream 35% g. 125
  • Granulated sugar g. 140
  • Eggs yolk g. 155
  • Rice starch g. 45
  • Profumi d'Italia Limoncello Cesarin g. 50

Whipped sponge cake

  • Whole eggs g. 100
  • Eggs white g. 60
  • Egg jolks g. 20
  • Full fat milk g. 30
  • Gold chocolate g. 100
  • Weak flour g. 90
  • Vanilla beans n. 2
  • For the green foam add:
    Pistachio paste g. 20


Knead the butter with the sugar, vanilla, eggs, salt and the almond powder adding the flour at the end. Roll the shortcrust between two sheets of baking paper at 2 mm. and leave to rest overnight. Cook in perforated rings at 165 ° for about 18 minutes brushing with the egg-cream mixture five minutes before the end of cooking and leave it in the oven until golden brown.

Custard cream

Mix all the ingredients together and cook in the microwave at 82 degrees. 
Cool it down.

Whipped sponge cake

Melt the Gold chocolate and emulsify with all the other ingredients. Fill up a cream siphon with the mix and load with one cartridge. Leave to rest for 6 hours. Siphon the mix in a plastic cup and cook in a microode for 40 seconds. Leave to cool down.


On the bottom of the shortcrust tart spread some Profumi d’Italia limoncello Cesarin. Fill the shortcrust tart with the custard flavored with the Profumi d’Italia limoncello Cesarin. Decorate the top with pieces of Pineapple TuttaFrutta Cesarin and pieces of whipped sponge cake.

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