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Pastry Chef Silvia Federica Boldetti

Bergamot pavlova



  • Egg whites g. 150
  • Granulated sugar g. 450

Custard cream

  • Full fat fresh milk g. 490
  • Fresh cream 35% g. 125
  • Granulated sugar g. 130
  • Egg yolks g. 155
  • Rice starch g. 25
  • Corn starch g. 20
  • Profumi d'Italia Bergamotto Cesarin g. 30


White chocolate mousse 

  • Full fat milk g. 250
  • White chocolate g. 300
  • Gelatine 200 bloom g. 11
  • Water for gelatine g. 66
  • Fresh cream 35% g. 550


Beat the egg whites with the sugar until very stiff. Make some disks on the parchment paper few centimeters smaller than the base of the individual portion. On another sheet make some larger discs to be cut into granules once cooked. Bake for about 1 hour at 110° C. Once cooled, reduce the larger disks into granules and brush the smaller disks with white chocolate to imperarmilize them.

Custard cream

Mix all the ingredients with the stick blender. Bake in the microwave at 82 degrees and fill up for 3/4 an insert mold. Freeze in the shock freezer. Fill up the insert mold with a small layer of Profumi d’Italia Bergamotto Cesarin. Back in the shock freezer.

White chocolate mousse

Melt the chocolate. Heat the milk and add the rehydrated gelatin. Make a ganache and lighten up with the cream.


Fill up a mold with the white chocolate mousse for two thirds. Insert the custard cream and Profumi d’Italia Bergamot Cesarin in the middle. Close with the meriga disk brushed with white chocolate. Freeze the pavlova in the shock freezer. Remove from the mold, spread with whipped cream and stick on top the meringue granules.

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