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Special Filling for Biscuits

This line, which is highly resistant to cooking, was developed by the Cesarin Research and Development Centre.
These products exploit natural fibres within the fruit rather than intensifying the sugar concentration (Brix). This has made it possible to achieve the perfect ingredient for resolving issues related to moisture being transferred from the filling to the outer layer (whether it is made from pastry or puff pastry with different percentages of fat).

The results of Cesarin’s constant research have been realised through a range of soft fillings that stimulate the senses. Thanks to the containment of water activity in the product, the finished product can remain crisp and crunchy over time.
During cooking it does not expand. Furthermore, it does not form small bubbles in its interior, does not gel together at high temperatures and does not tend to evaporate.



Reduced water activity
Resistance to high temperatures
Can be measured mechanically


Biscuits, croissants, pains au chocolat, baked goods.


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